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Hi, my name is Julie, and here by my side is my faithful companion Frieda, my therapy dog. I love to travel and have spent a lot of time travelling, but unfortunately, a few years ago, my anxiety increased in a way that made it hard to travel. As a result, I got a therapy dog. Frieda has been a literal lifesaver for me, but I have had to learn how to travel with her. In particular, I have had to learn how to help her have a safe experience on different modes of transportation. This blog is devoted to that concept. Whether you are travelling with a working companion or a pet in a pet carrier, this blog has tips on making that experience safe.


Transportation Safety for Pets

How to Get Home Safely After a Night Out

by Noelle Frazier

With one in five road deaths in Australia involving a rider or driver over the legal alcohol limit, drink driving is not only illegal but puts everyone in the vehicle — as well as other road users — at risk. The perfect end to a night out involves all parties getting home safely; here are some useful tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Plan Ahead:

If the night draws to a close and there are no clear plans in place for people to get home, it can be all too tempting to jump in the car. This can particularly be the case on busy nights — such as New Year's Eve — where taxi companies can be fully booked before the night even begins. To avoid being stranded at the end of the night, ensure plans are in place prior to anyone consuming alcohol. Whether a designated driver is chosen to abstain from alcohol for the night and drive everyone home, or a taxi is booked in advance, this small moment of planning can make sure everyone gets home safely, with a minimal amount of hassle at the end of the night.

Buddy Up:

Plan to travel with people who live nearby, or work out a route that can include drop offs for people along the way. Getting home this way can allow for a single person to be a designated driver, which cuts down on the number of car journeys being made, and can save money on taxi journey with the fare being split between multiple people.

Know Who to Call:

Having the phone number of a licensed taxi company stored in your mobile phone not only makes calling a ride easy and hassle free, but also can avoid the dangers of travelling in unregistered taxis. By you and your friends choosing to travel in a pre-booked vehicle, it is easy to ensure you are using a licensed taxi firm each and every time you travel. As mobile phones can commonly run out of battery at the end of a night out, it will also be worthwhile to keep the number of your chosen taxi company written in your purse or wallet. By having your chosen taxi firm's number stored elsewhere, it is possible to make sure that, if you are able to find a phone to use to call a ride, you are still able to contact a taxi company you know and trust.  

With the potential effects of drink driving so utterly devastating, it is always worthwhile to take a few moments whilst planning your night out to think about getting home at the end of the night; doing so might not be the most exciting part of the night, but it could prove to be the most important.