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Transportation Safety for Pets

Hi, my name is Julie, and here by my side is my faithful companion Frieda, my therapy dog. I love to travel and have spent a lot of time travelling, but unfortunately, a few years ago, my anxiety increased in a way that made it hard to travel. As a result, I got a therapy dog. Frieda has been a literal lifesaver for me, but I have had to learn how to travel with her. In particular, I have had to learn how to help her have a safe experience on different modes of transportation. This blog is devoted to that concept. Whether you are travelling with a working companion or a pet in a pet carrier, this blog has tips on making that experience safe.


Transportation Safety for Pets

Strategies to Ensure Your Parcel Is not Damaged by Harsh Weather Conditions

by Noelle Frazier

It is that time of the season and festivities are on full throttle. For most Aussies, Christmas celebrations are not complete if you do not send presents to friends and relatives. However, with people planning for holiday getaways and trips, there is no telling how safe packages left at customer's doorstep will be considering the heavy snow at this time of the year. Therefore, ensuring your package is safe from snow when you are away from home during the holidays is something you would want to consider seriously. This article provides tips on how to achieve that.

Use Access Point Services -- Parcel delivery service providers are all too aware of the damage harsh weather conditions can cause to packages if left unattended. While clients are supposed to play their part in ensuring the safety of their parcels, most service providers have gone out of their way to help. One way they have managed to assist is by setting up designated access points for their deliveries. The service works as follows: when a deliveryman does not find a recipient's home, instead of leaving the package out in the snow, they will slide a delivery slip into the house. They will then deliver the package to the company's nearest designated access point. The access points can be the premises of any registered business. All you need to do is provide the delivery slip as well as your identity card to collect your package.

Request Courier to Hold Parcel -- Another way you can avoid snow damage on your parcel is to plan well ahead of time. It might involve asking the sender to indicate on the parcel that the courier service should hold the package on your behalf for pick up at their premises. You can also make a call to the service provider with similar instructions. Once the provider gets such instruction, they will not deliver the parcel to your doorstep until you pick it up or instruct them otherwise. 

Use Personalized Delivery Services -- Traditionally, courier service providers have delivered mail and parcels during daytime and on weekdays. Since during the festive season most people spend very little time at home, the chances of a parcel being left unattended in snowy weather are high. Personalised delivery services guarantee package safety as customers can indicate when they want their parcel delivered. For instance, when you register with one of the personalised service providers, you will use their address instead of entering your own. Once they receive the package, they will send an email to you confirming receipt of your package and an inquiry on when and at what time you want it delivered. One significant advantage of such a service is that a client is sure they will receive a parcel.