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Hi, my name is Julie, and here by my side is my faithful companion Frieda, my therapy dog. I love to travel and have spent a lot of time travelling, but unfortunately, a few years ago, my anxiety increased in a way that made it hard to travel. As a result, I got a therapy dog. Frieda has been a literal lifesaver for me, but I have had to learn how to travel with her. In particular, I have had to learn how to help her have a safe experience on different modes of transportation. This blog is devoted to that concept. Whether you are travelling with a working companion or a pet in a pet carrier, this blog has tips on making that experience safe.


Transportation Safety for Pets

What Heavy Haulage Companies Look at When Preparing to Transport Your Oversize Load

by Noelle Frazier

When it comes to the haulage of oversize loads, you need to choose a transport company that specialises in hauling your specific type of load. Specialist heavy haulage companies understand that each job is unique and different. They usually think through multiple aspects of each client's job in order to determine the best way possible to execute it.

Here are a few key things that heavy hauliers normally mull over to ensure a smooth and stress-free hauling process for their clients.

The Legal Requirements to Be Met

Because the major concern about any oversize cargo is its weight and size, it is important to accurately measure the weight and dimensions of the load to be transported. These measurements will determine the type of permits that will be required to transport the load. Failure to obtain all the necessary permits prior to commencing the transportation process may lead to shipping disruptions and legal penalties. 

When planning an interstate or international move, multiple special permissions may be required since every state, territory or municipality can have different legal requirements. For example, some states may require the use of escort vehicles when moving an abnormal-size load on roads within their jurisdiction. 

The Best Route to Use

Having a detailed transport plan for the day of the haulage is crucial. Figuring out the best route is vital because it helps to avoid mishaps and ensure the timely delivery of the shipment to its intended destination. 

For businesses that have a need for heavy transport service, the timely delivery of shipment can make all the difference. The well-established companies usually know the best way to a destination owing to their many years of experience in the industry.

For example, they will know the various obstacles, such as slippery roads, sharp bends and low-lying electrical cables, that may be encountered during the transportation process. They will choose a route that will ensure the fastest delivery of shipment while minimising transport risks.

The Safest Way to Load, Transport and Unload Cargo

Loading, transporting and unloading oversize loads is another crucial aspect of heavy haulage that companies must plan for in advance. They will need to ensure they have the proper truck or trailer for the job and tools and equipment for lifting the load onto the transport truck or trailer and securing it properly to avoid causing costly damage to it during transportation. When the load reaches its destination, it will need to be removed safely and properly. 

Specialised heavy lifting equipment, such as cranes, can be used in loading and unloading applications, while cargo securement items, such as tie-down straps, help to keep the load secure during transportation.

Proper planning and preparation is essential for ensuring a smooth and stress-free transport process for an abnormal load. Contact a hauling service today to discuss your project needs.